A Conqueror To Create

Creativelyconquered is an event planner, a group who aims to promote the welfare of people, for the benefit of the community during this global pandemic regarding foods. Nowadays, lots of people are suffering from hunger; so this team is serving in the areas of voluntary social service.

The  initiation of this moment started with the thought “Every Individual Life Matters” . Their main motive was to focus on SDG 2 ‘Zero Hunger’ and SDG 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’.

Initially, they had started this service by providing food and water to 45 people on Patan Durbar Square.

About The Group;

The Team

The Creativelyconquered  group  consists of enthusiastic youths who have a same mission to bring a positive change for the society and the people who are in need of help. Their main vision is to bring societal positive impact.

They had collected some funds  from their own team initially and started to collect help and support from helpful hands  to aid needy people.

Service at Patan

The main purpose of this group  is to create impact and change the lifestyle of people.

As per one of the beginner from team Creativelyconquered, they have been able to provide food for around 200+ people. On the very first day of this inception they were just able to distribute foods for 45 people. According to this, they are growing and changing.

All they need is the support, cooperation and understanding from the public to create a good bonding between them the one who is taking their help.

The team Creativelyconquered is upgrading it's target by setting personal and societal goals. They are always ready to help and are committed to improving themselves and others around them.

They are serving by taking special precautions, using PPE and maintaining social distance.

A huge respect to this team and may this commencement comes into a great success.