Stop violence against health workers

S/he witnessed duality of the pandemic, 

Dangerous and toxic enough for humanity to thrive 

Covid-19 pandemic troubling humans to survive 

And, the same virus attacking emotional intelligence in humans 


No, they are not a God, for God are kept as statues, always praised 

Gods take enough rest, they help only to those whom they desire 

S/he is just a normal human being, trained enough to heal 

If we survived then God helped but if we died, they killed? 


S/he don’t have any fantasy to push-up with PPE in the hospital ward 

It’s not an appropriate location, not a proper costume, not a floor, not comfortable too 

You can be a bad actor, painter, businessman, or anything, they can never be a bad health worker 

Not given this privilege, even though if the profession is underpaid and overworked 


You tell me, should they train for self-defense or be a good doctor? 

Hands that heal, do they deserve to bleed? 

In a journey between birth and death, they serve the existence 

Healing is a part of their job, violence ain’t


S/he hasn’t cuddled their six-month-old baby for weeks 

They haven't dined together with family for months 

Today they saved ten lives and were rewarded with hundred punches 

Changing destiny is not their power, if it was, they would unhesitantly redeem 


Their body is not just a health worker’s body, it’s a family of someone 

The greatest fear for many of them is the loss and mistake to a patient 

One day your child will ask, ‘’Was s/he a god or criminal’’? 

Will it be okay if your child intends to be a doctor and is beaten by someone like you? 


I know you are angry about you lost life of your beloved one 

You didn’t get a bed, you had not enough money to cure 

There was a lack of health personnel to take care of 

But trust me, our fight is not against each other, but the loopholes of the system 

Let’s communicate properly, we speak the same emotional language 

They are infected, they break down but we are all in this together 


S/he is committed to winning over the covid virus 

Will we help each other to kill the virus that killed humanity in us?

 God might lose hope, but these people won’t give up on you

Because, they will save you, serve you, until they die, without prejudice 


‘’Are you okay’’? they have always asked your family 

One day, when you ask them, ‘’Are you okay?’’ 

They will shed their pain, complain equally, hug you tightly But not today, no 

They are busy saving someone from losing.