Book review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

 Robin Sharma, a Canadian writer, shot to fame with the book, ‘’The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’’. He is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., and also the world’s top leadership expert. This book spins around Julian Mantle, a fearless trial attorney the narrator John has ever seen. One day he collapsed due to a heart attack that took a U-turn to his dimensions and approaches to life. At this point, Julian was just fifty-three but one decision changed his life like anything in the past never happened. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari gives an important message about it’s never too late to do something good. This luxurious and sophisticated life living professional quits everything suddenly for a journey to India where he finds treasure to a spiritual retreat.

This tycoon realizes that his heart attack or the divergence from normal health was actually a call to broken spirituality and negligence on physical health. It is a realization that tangible success might feed the desires and CV but the purpose of life is beyond these, it should feed the soul. To sum up, the virtue of success shouldn’t be something enveloping around the emptiness rather it should fill the emptiness. Taking a difficult journey as per the information shared by Yogi Krishnan, with strong willpower he lands into the mystical land of sages. As he spends time learning rules and virtues he realizes that being a slave to the clock was never his wish. 

While Julian was connecting to the truth of mortality, he began to realize the connection to matter that created him was important. Contrary to what people mean by failure, Julian's experience mentions along with personal and professional failure, spiritual failure also exists.

 This can be foreseen in the expressions, body language, and decision-making abilities of individuals. His expedition gives him ‘purpose in life that is to spread this magic to mega living. 

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a promising book to those who are motivated to heal and experience the greatness of living. Some life-beyond inspiration includes being compassionate, giving, finding peace in the present, turning passion to love, and doing work as passion. Basically, working on the wounded heart of an individual and working on human connections. Home-take messages can be summed up by ‘Ten Rituals of Living’.

Ritual 1: Solitude and Silence

Ritual 2: Physical care

Ritual 3: Individual Dietary Practice

Ritual 4: Power of Knowledge

Ritual 5: Personal Reflection and Inner Contemplation

Ritual 6: Early Waking

Ritual 7: Listening to Music

Ritual 8: Use ''Mantras''

Ritual 9: Develop Habits to Develop Character

Ritual 10: Live Life in Simplicity

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