Simple daily habits that you should definitely develop during lockdown

  1. Meditate at least once a day
  2. Do light exercise every day
  3. Write down feelings
  4. Practice self-care(skincare, diet check) routines
  5. Pamper yourself
  6. Do simplest things that make you child-like happy
  7. Insight yourself
  8. Dance in happy music
  9. Work hard and creatively
  10. Save some share of the money
  11. Help your mother and sister with household chores
  12. Read books and learn
  13. Use social media only for productive work
  14. Give time for yourself
  15. Avoid checking social media one hour prior to waking up and sleeping
  16. Change routine monthly to magnify inner zeal
  17. Appreciate your successful moments
  18. Remember at least one good memory
  19. Make an investment in personal growth and positive communication
  20. Decorate and change the old structural adjustment of your room
  21. Plan a life on the basis of what makes you really happy

Goodnight. SK