The nature of his style

Read and Feel; How do I describe my favourite photo.
Poem Style: Free Verse
        “The Nature of His Style”
Just a year ago, I saw a picture of a boy,
With a mild distinctive smile and a joy,
One, in a wooden bench, holding a camera,
He had turned his head towards horizon through the camera.

A hiked boy, walked a long & earthly tired,
Waiting for a perfect shot from a hired,
To see myself, that picture is saying,
Around and behind him, nature is echoing.

The gimble besides him, will mount anything,
That invisible happiness will explore everything, 
Of black jacket styled by casino watch,
That blue jeans, the outfit; loved by me? What???

Yahh, I stare him as an example of sparkling stars,
He the handsome, adventurous, daring & charming bars,
His expression was broad-minded,
His feelings for nature was adapted.

Spotted with DSLR, by someone,
Getting own excitement summoned,
I wish I could describe that silent hidden smile,
If I had the chance, I would express for a while.

I said this one is a real reality,
He said this an outcome of the lense quality,
I have seen a lot, but never felt like this,
It I had done, my life will have been gloriously fulfilled,
Who knew that I praise him so much,
I explained less but thought a lot.