Things to Do in Lockdown

The COVID-19 or commonly called the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China.  After dealing with the first wave of the virus there have been mutations in the virus and we are now heading towards the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and therefore to 'Lockdown 2.0'.

While it may be easier for some people to stay at home, some people may find it difficult to stay at home for about three weeks and more. So, here are some of the things to do in the home during this isolation period.

a) Spend Time with Family Members: 

Use this time as a great advantage to spend time with your family members. Probably, you had a busy schedule. Probably, you wanted to get promoted and were not able to get time to your family members or, you wanted to study really hard and get good marks in the exams. Now, it is the time you can have fun with family without any sorts of tension. Play with your children’s, talk to your parents. Cook food with your wife or mother. Talk about some past interesting stories. Listen to the stories from grandparents. Spend quality time with family members that you will remember for a long time.

b) Clean and Manage your room:

 Probably, you wanted to change the location of the wardrobe or wanted to have a table to study. You always thought of cleaning the room but never had enough time for it. Now is a great time to manage and clean your room. Clean your room and do whatever you want in it. Maybe you can add certain posters of your favourite sportsperson to the walls of the room. Or maybe, you can manage your study table where books have been stacked for years.

c) Watch your photos album: 

Today, all photos clicked are on our phone that we tend to forget how special some photographs be. So, use this time to peek a look at your childhood photos. How cute and little you were back then? How were your parents? Have a look at your half-naked childhood photos and laugh and enjoy.

d) Learn Something from the Internet: 

We can all agree that today what we learn from school is just not sufficient. The world is growing competitive and we can lag behind if we are just a bookworm. So, use the internet for learning something new and productive. It can be anything that you are interested in. It may be a programming language. It may be about solar systems, planets and stars. Or you can just go through YouTube and find really good learning videos about history and culture. 

e) Exercise and Meditation: 

You may have always wanted to exercise but probably never had enough time or you were just tired after a day’s work. If that is so this is a great time to meditate and exercise. You not only control your body fat but also will have a fresher mood. It will also help you to sleep if you are not able to after staying at home all day long.

f) Reach to a distant friend or relative:

With this busy life schedule, probably you have lost contact with a friend or a relative who was very much close to you. So, use this time and the many available social networking sites to talk to them. 

g) Watch films and Web series: 

Use this time to watch films you always wanted. Maybe your friend always talked about “FRIENDS” or “Big Bang Theory”. They may have talked about Chandler being sarcastic or how Rajesh was not able to talk to talks but you could not understand as you had not watched a single episode. So, use this time to some catchy films and web series and talk to your friends about them.