I will give lustre light like the sun and shine like the moon if you bring positive thoughts on yourself. 

The land, a beautiful land, where we live our ups and down journey; our mesmerizing memories and sometimes creating a deep void in life always remain eternal in the heart- showcasing an entire life movie package. Despite being educated, most people failed in showing their positive attitude towards human emotions. They try to dominate, discriminate and low down their confidence by their unacceptable behaviour. Its increasing day by day though we said it is no more exist. People who intentionally do act uneasy activities to them are suffered from all round: emotionally, mentally and somehow physically by their behaviour. Because of this, we still have been facing many problems. Many people get harmed, and the rate of criminal cases rises gradually.

The things that are still happening has already shown results. We all are well- known for what is right and what is wrong. Moreover, we also know the consequences of those unusual activities can meet the last stage of our life, which can be a serious matter. Amidst everyone, some people don't let to act casually to those who have the right to stay and live like us. People do discriminate based on their colour: whether having white or black skin. People do make fun of short height or tall height. People do laugh when they see too skinny or fat people. People do make fun of those people as their origin or where they belong. When I deeply think about these stupid talks, then I feel like they must be so ridiculous because they have been judging people by their outer cover, but not the inner one. These talks have been continuously repeating since those old days. So, I am always in thought of word- discrimination. Why they discriminate and dominate people? Why do people make fun of people by judging their appearance: height, weight, colour, origin, gender?

I think the origin of discrimination comes from their negative thoughts and bad attitude. They may think of themselves as superior and have everything who can easily dominate others. They may think they are too perfect and others are nothing for them. Sometimes they intentionally and unintentionally make fun and hurt people's feeling and try to pull down. 

They keep reacting like: Oh my God, See her/ his colour: He/ She is so black. He/ she looks like a lump of coal and cannot even see in dim light. It seems like a nightmare whenever I see them. Ugh, so ugly face. Look, Look, So fat: look like an elephant. OH no, so skinny: look like a stick. Who else will propose to marry him/ her? They do think no one- HaHaHa. See that boy/ girl: they are not from our country. They keep calling- Oy Kale, dhoti, madhise, oy Nepali. Go back to your own country and do not come here again. When Nepalese people go to a foreign country, they have also faced hatred or discrimination between their people and us. Likely, some people of our country, Nepal, showed unusual behaviour to those, same as the foreigner does in their country to Nepalese. This type of activities is not acceptable. They do laugh at 3rd gender by calling- Oy chakka, Hichada and so on. As we all know, both males and females are the victims. They faced bullying because of their appearance. However, girls get targeted most of the time. People reject to marry for their dark skin colour. Mostly, they have been facing much hatred or rejection when the matter comes to marriage.

Besides, many people are still suffering from discrimination and dominant behaviour. And I know it won't get in control until they bring positive thought and realize the difference between right and wrong. If people think it wisely, then everything goes in a flow without any hurdle. Life will be simple and sweet when they get their freedom to live, freedom to smile, freedom to be happy. If people behave equally and do care for others feelings before doing something else, then there will create a healthy environment among people. What if they focus on right and fruitful things but not on baseless matters?  Sometimes people forget to be a good human being. What if they choose to be good human being? Because being a human being is not enough; however, being a good human being is a gem. And yeah, the journey of a good human being is not easy at this time. But, if you push yourself towards the right thing instead of nonsense talk, then, of course, that day will not be so far from you.

 I am sure, one day, I hope people will garner positive thoughts on them. And that day, the land where we live stay happy.