Dear Parents

This is a letter to all the parents out there who can relate or even have few minutes to reflect upon themselves

Dear Parents,

We, as children are grateful to you for all the sacrifices you make just to provide for us. We know it is not easy raising a child and it’s even harder to fulfill even the basic needs in a world full of parasites. You bring us to this world, provide us with shelter, food to eat, clothes to wear, and even pay for our education. You work your hardest just make our lives as easier as they can be. For this, we are forever in your debt.

But dear parents, when you bring a child to this world, it is not your property. Yes you feed and raise them but please do not be mistaken, you do not own them. You are not liable for their lives. Yes, they have responsibilities towards you, there is no denying that. But they do not owe you their lives. There is a silver lining between taking care of your children and controlling their lives to your benefit. And we as children would kindly like to request you to respect that.

Because the child never chose to be brought into this world. You as parents decided to bring it to the world. So with all due respect do not project your unfulfilled dreams onto them. They are not here to complete your wishes and desire or live the life that you have always wanted to but could never live. They are not here to execute your incomplete missions. They are not here to fill the wholes of your unsatisfied life.

Please keep in mind, your children aren’t someone you could project your anger to. They aren’t punching bags that you punch when life does not go your way. They are not someone to whom you can yell and torture just cause you were having a bad day. They aren’t there so you could blame all the failures you had in your life. Your children aren’t here to hold your life together which you made fall apart. You cannot traumatize them. Just because you got hurt, you have no right to hurt them. If you are mentally unhealthy kindly get help from experts. Please do not drag your children with you in the pit of mental instability. 

So, to all the parents who treat their children as their personal property, this is our humble request to you, stop abusing them. Stop torturing them, stop controlling their lives, stop manipulating them. Before they choose to leave this world, be there for them when you can.

Yours Sincerely,