Dear crush

For all my motives to get into your head

For all my dramas to get a glimpse of your face

For all unseen love from me

For all hidden feelings of mine


For all inquisitiveness, I have regarding you

For all my dreams about you

For all stalking and caring, I do about you

For just a little interest you show towards me


For all those rare eye contacts

For all the emotional drills in my heart

For all those moments I saved for us

For making me weak the moment I see you



Someday I will show my affection I preserved just for you

Someday I will share my imaginary world with you

Someday I will express how much you mean to me

Someday I shall prove how special you are



No, I don’t want to know you

You might not be exactly the person I imagined to be

No, I don’t want to express my feelings

You might not value it as I expect to


No, I don’t want to reflect the expression of my soul

You might go far away to escape

No, I am tired of making fun out of my emotions

You might be undeserving of the love I shall invest



Let the life play along

Let the time keep surprising us

Let ‘you and me’ be just ‘you and me’ and not us

If it’s meant to be, I will never let you go


All life long…

All life long.