20s thoughts: Mental aspect

Nobody told me that the 20s of your age are such a dramatic and transitional phase of your life. In short, the conflict between the carefree teen and a serious old man growing inside you. A secret fear of losing many options, dreams, and ambitions is peeking inside the mind. The new ventures of life are starting, some new journeys to take, some goodbyes are soon to be part. The outrageous mindset to conquer the world with newly authorized freedom is marching ahead. 

In the fullness of time, a lot of people don’t matter, neither their opinions but somewhere around one corner, some do matter. An insecure heart is always expecting a doorway to a secured settled life where it can calmly relax. Seriously, too dramatic. A lot of mental transitions too take place regarding the perception you put on things, reaction to the stimulants, reasons that affect your mental health, and so on. I see a lot of relatable posts on social media, sometimes I feel the new person that is growing inside me is echoing those words. 

There are days where I feel I have had invested so much energy in some people, some situations, some actions, some places where it didn’t matter my presence. Whatsoever it was, it was my investment that I could have used in something productive rather than just a presence. I can’t take it back but I should learn to be fine with the things that panned out the way it favored. Life without regrets is not as easy as it seems to be. Limiting the circle of your emotional investment is something I have learned pretty late not because people’s heart is ugly or something but it’s because situations are so diverse that you need only a few people with whom you can freely by you, out of formalities, out of discipline, out of expectations to respond a certain way. 

If you are looking for a kind heart, it’s not a hard and fast rule to choose your family member or your close friends but a person who can reflect you in a form you can consider is probably the best one. People who have so little in life are always the kindest in the world because they aren’t full of themselves and they aren’t empty hungry enough to smash everything out of others in desperation.

People often calculate the person based on the challenging mountain they have climbed, I mean it’s commendable but why is there such a huge pressure to always climb a huge mountain before you are prepared to face it. I think whatever be the age, it doesn’t matter but you need to be ready to face it, and why always choose the hard path? You can sit there, think about yourself, treat yourself, pamper yourself the way you want yourself to be treated. For example, you can move out of a conversation you don’t feel alright, buy yourself a bar of chocolate, have a good motivational session before a match, or watch in front of a mirror and do some silly steps, the way you feel happy about, the way you want to be. I know it’s not as ideal as said but sparing some time to yourself, recharging yourself, and reflecting that love and joy you recharged within yourself to share it to the world, won’t do any harm.

 People often ask me what do you want to be in life. I would answer the other way if they had to ask what career you want to pursue in life but since they asked what do you want to do in life, I would reply with a  smile, ‘’I want to be hardworking and happy.’’

 I have yet to solve mental turmoil out of my life but being susceptible to different energies is a part of life anyways. By this age, I still don’t know what I want in my life but I do have definite answers for what I don’t want in my life and how I want my life. 

I don’t know how is person growing inside me is being viewed by the world but I am liking this person. (wink)