Sometimes, somewhere, I think you may have also lost your way. So, here, I came to remind her own words. I am not what she is. Are you getting confused? Let's not. You will get to know who am I later. So, keep reading this. Please, go ahead.

Hey, my brave girl. Are you listening to me? If you have heard my sound, then I would like to say something else. Please listen to it carefully and feel every word.

I think you are still dreaming. Please wake up, my girl. Wake up. You bestowed so much time every day to make you a better one than before. You tried so hard to be like what you are. You spend your valuable time loving yourself first and let not others stay in your heart permanently. You have learned so many things in your life. You gave me a promise that you will never dive into something. I feel you lost your way for some time. You are trying to jump into the water, where you can easily swim but found many toxic or dangerous fishes. And you already know the consequences.

My little girl. Please, wake up. You think you are still dreaming. You are following the way, which may right for others; however, that's may not for you. You are going to repeat the same mistake, she murmured. Ooops. Sorry, I said. What did you say just right now? Then, she replied: Don't run after that way which cloaks many secrets but shows you the same mirror-like before. Please wake up, girl. Wake up. You are Prativa Shrestha, my dear. Don't forget that.

I know you little bit find yourself different, which is unacceptable to me. I can understand, so that is why I am telling you again and again. Baby, don't look at that alluring flower because it looks so beautiful. But If you try to touch instantly without even thinking once. Then, yeah, it going to harm you because that beautiful flower has thorns. Be careful, my dear. You have to think once. Not once but thrice before diving into something else. Did you get that? Are you listening to me carefully? she said. Then, I replied: yes. So, Okay, then I will not say many words onwards. My eyes are always on you, my dear. So, I will catch you later. But now, I have to see what next. What are you going to do? I will watch till the end. So, I have to say see you again. Lots of love, she said politely. Then, she left.

I smiled at me. I feel so good because my dear soul came to show me a mirror. And, yeah, I saw and, I felt that. So, my soul, I would love to see you again because you have opened my eyes. Afterwhich, I put down the pen.