In quest of a real empowerment

This term ‘’women empowerment’’ got introduced in the vocabulary of my life quite early, around 7 or 8 standard I don’t remember exactly but yes it was around that time. I am pretty sure that this term is being used haphazardly even by little girls and boys, earlier than me in the present day. The feminists movement, social media influence and I think sometimes just because it sounds so fancy to use wherever, this is one of the most hyped terms all around the world. Funny fact is that anywhere in the Social studies exam paper after class 7 I have been using it wherever oddly it could be placed.  

While I am writing this blog, I am seriously googling the term ‘’empowerment’’. Wait… It read something like the process of being self confident and so on. That exact thing I think is being lagged behind, lost behind something, somewhere. It’s been a year or so that I am feeling that the voice about women empowerment, menstrual hygiene, and feminism should be less likely used because they are so old-fashioned and unnecessarily irritating. Women have started receiving quality education, claiming their rights, travelling around, established themselves in authoritarian positions, breaking stereotypes, earning huge paychecks and what not. Even in villages, atleast many things have changed though still a lot needs to be put in charge of progression.

All these years I wondered if empowerment lies in the social and economic class, education, strong law enforcement, achievements, fame etc. The empowerment that I felt as a wave of change was just an illusion in practical life. How often people claim to have been empowered but when it happens to them, women are really not empowered, I am saying this with quite a heavy heart. But I never realized these empowerment and stuffs never penetrated the perception towards women, inside the women as well. All these years I have been searching for empowerment outside, expecting people to change but they ain’t changing, not this soon, some changes are visible just because it is a trend. For example, people admit their children to school thinking that it has been their age to study and Mr. X is letting his child to start schooling not because they will learn. I will be enlisting a few conditions, I am quite sure that all of you will have answers what so called modern-person shall have. But please reread the questions considering you are yourself in that condition, your answer shall modify it that soon. I claim that.

If you have been a victim of domestic violence (degree of violence differs every time), will you call the police? Your mom is being victimized, will you file a case against your father?

If you are being eve teased by a bunch of boys, even though you are wearing something so-called decent. Will you voice out against it?

If you have been molested by someone of your own house, will you confront that immediately? Will you file a police complaint?

Your sister is about to turn thirty anytime soon, will you let her make her own life decision? Will you support her decision in the stake of going against the opinions of family and relatives?

Your daughter is being stalked by some rowdy boys of your society, will you take action against him? Or will you encourage your daughter to take necessary safety measures and expect her to return home soon?

A girl wants to travel abroad alone. Will you grant her permission without asking her to get married before shifting? Will you not ask any questions regarding her decision?

Your child turns out to be one of the LGBTQ+, will you accept your child with confident wide arms?

One of your sisters wants to be a wrestler, will you not be offended by her physical protection? Are you ready to see her in an almost stereotypical male physique?

A girl wearing ripped jeans, lot of piercings in her body, tattooed her arms but is complaining of sexual harassment, will you confront the culprit? Or will you turn your head for a minute to judge her appearance and conclude she might be wanting it or it was her fault?

Your husband has been caught cheating you, committing adultery, can you detain his activity?

You are a newly wed daughter-in-law in a joint family, what would you expect as your first child? Will it be a son or a daughter?

However women aren’t empowered enough to make strong decision for their own self. These are a few questions that came to my mind at the moment. There are a lot of situations that can be questioned. I know many of us have some hypothetical answers hovering around women rights and equality but I repeat read out situations putting yourself in that situation, you will not execute action what you immediately answered. Out of many tormented  yes, everyone has a strong voice of suppressed ‘’No’’. But the major question here is, why are we women still not empowered in our mind itself? Women are still destined to live in a lot of compromises, whether you agree or not.