Unleashing our super power

Knowingly, unknowingly we all are guilty of instilling this notion in young girls that to be 'cool' you have to be a boy. That being a girl is something to be looked down upon, something to be ridiculed, something not worthy enough.

That is what we have all grown up believing, so no matter how much pride we take in being a woman, the irony of it seems to be that, we somehow put the benchmark of --  are we good enough, when and only when we associate it with the fact – are we good enough as men. 


When you search the word feminine, this is what basically comes up as feminine traits -- sensitivity, sweetness, supportiveness, warmth, cooperativeness, humility, empathy, affection, tenderness, emotional, kind, helpful, devoted, understanding……..

We have somehow seemed to mistaken, these words as synonyms of being weak. Because we have been taught that these words mean that we are not 'strong' enough.

How wrong is that, especially, when these are actually our strengths, be it in the home, in the workplace, in the world. When all these words that have been used to describe a traits of a women, is our beauty, is our uniqueness, is our unyielding strength.

Why are we dying to prove ourselves, playing by the rules that have been set up my men, which are so much in favour of men. We have been dying to prove ourselves as competent as men, as strong as men, as capable as men, as worthy as men, as everything as men.

Women have been trying relentlessly to prove that they can do anything a man can do, and when a few women reach there, the rest of us clap and cheer her on, and beam at what she has achieved and finally proven.

Why, why do we do that, why do we feel the need to prove ourselves, on the standards that idolizes masculinity, when we are NOT men.

When WE are WOMEN, who have a very different set of qualities, supremely beautiful qualities, which make us US.

It is these words -- sensitivity, sweetness, supportiveness, warmth, cooperativeness, humility, empathy, affection, tenderness, emotional, kind, helpful, devoted, understanding……..that define who we are.

Why are we not celebrating this, making the world go round with what we have to offer in abundance, cause this is what comes to us naturally, this is who we are, this is what we are not just good, but great at, this is what makes us amazing, this is our awesomeness.

When a minister is fired for having an illicit affair by the Prime Minister, she sends across a very strong message to her people that the governing principles of a nation will be love, affection, sensitivity and such. You can very well imagine what that nation is going to be like. And if that is possible for a nation, isn’t it possible for the whole world? A world that is run on rules and principles that are primarily feminine. And isn’t that going to be such a beautiful world?

So, instead of playing by the rules that are strictly for men, maybe women need to bend those rules, cause they aren’t written on stone, they can be changed, and they need to be changed.  

And it is women who are willing and ready to blossom and flourish, embodying these feminine qualities, who need to set up the new rules, make the new standards that are by them, for them, for the entire world.

For this women need to unleash their Super Power: Being Gloriously Feminine.