Menstruation; Through Eyes of A Brother.


My sister at 13, experienced something unusual.

About which she out of fear, conveyed mom.

My mother rushed to the drawer and brought her a piece of cloth.

It was blood down there, not out of cut.

But leaving my sister in confusion and despair.

Suddenly her world changed,

It happened for days and then every month.

I saw my mom change,

I saw the dad for whom she was a baby doll, parting his way.

With restriction in all aspects, that took her childhood away.


Whenever she was left deserted, which was mostly those days,

She went to talk to plants but plants said they will die if she touches,

She wanted to stare at the sky,

But It would get gloomy out there, sun has his say.

She was weak but cow’s milk and fruits said

“Don’t consume us since you are impure”

She was hungry but the kitchen shuts its door,

She wanted to go to temple to show her devotion

But gods said they shall curse her if she does so.

She was constantly made to think as such.

Just had a query, doesn’t those goddesses in temple bleed?


My sister was brave enough to hold on to it,

I was responsible enough to be open to my parents,

And her pad got wings to it.

My little girl she bleeds, For humanity to lead