3PI for Those Who Loves Success

We are born free. Even though there are different circumstances and struggle behind our existence but we keep on crawling and swapping to be successful individual in our life. Firstly, I Wana say or mention that we are very successful since our birth date because we get opportunity to come out in this world and see this beautiful and crucial world infront of us. Some people describe it as a good fate and some worst life but for me this is always gift and enlighten given by my parents to lead my life in earth as a successful person. From this article I want to thank my parents and specially love and remembrance to my mother who already became my Heaven Mother. 

There are many Crucial or main points or terms which are related or helpful to be successful individual in our life or to be known as a special person. Here mainly I focus on my own perspective of gaining and understanding own personality, i.e. 3PI

    P= Powerful

    P = Positive

    P = Patience


    I = Imaginative

Now let me talk about these points in brief and stop my hand for typing leaving some conclusions and suggestions . To be reknown person or to be successful individual we must be powerful it means we should have a defensive power with us in every situation. I want to justify this term by providing burning issue of Our Country. Today number of rape victim acid attack fellow are increasing..this is why?? Not other but because of defensive power in the individual who was victimized. Along with this positiveness is most important because if we Are not positive in our work and mind then our life will be useless and worthless. Thirdly, our mind diverts and we expect more from someone or something but in every work and feelings we should have patience so that We can handle and manage our work probably and in effective manner. Finally, I love nature it doesn't mean that you also love nature but one thing is sure that if we love nature And keep Imagining the nature then one day our dreams come true and we will treat and definitely we will be leader which is always top Successful person of life.

Thus follow 3PI theory and be aware of every activities that you are going to perform and try to be successful individual so that after our dearing death also people will follow remember us and praise for us . Let us start from today and be role model for thyself and others.