Life goes on

‘like an arrow in the blue sky, another day flying, on my pillow, on my table, yeah life goes on like this again….’ I have been listening to this song for the past 2 days, and I cannot define the emotions I feel while listening to it. It's sad, yet happy, tragic yet hopeful. Life after a pandemic has really been one of the strangest things that have happened in everyone’s lives.


It has been more than 3 months, life around the world going back to ‘new normal.’ I don’t think I can call this normal when we are thinking twice before entering our favorite café because there are more than 5 people, or we choose to walk on foot rather than taking a public bus because we are afraid of being contaminated by the virus. People are still terrified to get out of their home, and when they do get out, all they can think of is when they get to go home, take shower and sanitize themselves. We might forget to brush our teeth before going out but we never leave our room without a mask and sanitizer. 3 months ago news of   500+ people getting infected in a day would terrify us. Checking our phones every other second just to update the current infected. But now thousands get infected every day we couldn’t care less. People have stopped following the news, how many got infected, how many died. They continue with their daily activities as normally as they can.


Thousand died, many lost their jobs, more are homeless. It has been chaos. But at the same time, the year 2020 has been the year where humanity lost its power and nature took control over the earth. While we were all suffering and traumatize, nature took her time to heal herself. So in a way, 2020 has been a ‘beautiful disaster’


For me personally, the post effect of lockdown was harsh. For 3-4 months, I tried to be as active as possible. I tried everything I wanted to, well almost everything that I had on my bucket list. From dancing to writing to working out to even trying poses in front of the camera, I did everything that I could think of, keeping myself as busy as possible and trying my best to stay positive. However, in these busy days as well, even when there moments my heart was filled with joy and pure happiness, I always felt hollow inside, like something was missing, a part of my soul. Whenever I turned on my phone and checked my newsfeed, seeing the news about covid’s effect, people dying because of not enough hospital’s bed, people starving and being homeless, it broke my heart. I was thankful to have a roof in my head, food on my table, a bed where I can sleep comfortably. But I felt sorry for all those people who struggled even to survive.


If there is one thing I have learned from this pandemic is life really does go on. Whether you spend your whole day in your room crying, or you get out of your home and do something, whether you feel depressed or happy, time is never static. We spent months locked in our room and now we are out again. We had dark days and now the sun has risen. Maybe it is not at the brightest yet, but it has definitely outcaste the shadows.

So let us all take a moment and thank the universe for keeping us alive. We survived yet another day, we will survive another week, another month, and another year. Like I said life does go on.