Wheat Drinking Straw: an alternative to plastic straw

The wheat straw is the byproduct obtained after harvesting the grains from the plant.

Since I was born and brought up in the country area, I have seen that traditionally they were not thrown, and therefore, is saddening to see the straw being waste these days.

Traditional use:

Earlier, when the houses were traditional and not many people had money to buy zinc sheets for roofing.

The wheat straws were bundled and tied together. Then, those straws were arranged carefully in those roofs. Since the wheat straws are water-resistant, they provided roofing for at least a year depending upon the condition.

The traditional use of wheat straw for roofing.  Credit:hananoie-nepal

Wheat straw as a replacement to plastic straw?

Seeing the pile of thrown wheat straw I remembered, as a kid, when I and my brother used to select the best wheat straws and make our straws. We used to drink water from a glass using those straws copying the scene where plastic straws were used for drinking juice.

I picked up one wheat straw and wondered if it can be used commercially instead of a plastic straw. I came home and researched if it was possible. Surprisingly, I found out it is possible and even being sold in Amazon.

Wheat drinking straw sold on amazon.

 Benefits of Straw Drinking Wheat:

If anyhow we can draw companies and investors into making wheat straw into drinking straw in Nepal, it will have many benefits economically and biologically.

a) Something for farmers:

 The wheat straws today are just left or burnt. The farmers are suffering for their living. So, if they are paid for straw wheat, that is being thrown, it will encourage the farmers and also provide them with some money.

 b) Biodegradable: 

The straw drinking wheat is biodegradable as it the byproduct of wheat. There is no need for chemicals as well and it will also provide nutrients to the soil if they can be used for compost after their use.

 c) Cost of Production is very less:

 The production of drinking wheat straw will be simple and cost-friendly.


There are some challenges that come straight to my mind when I think about wheat drinking straw.

a) People take time to change. So, even if we manage to make drinking wheat straw, the time to shift from plastic straw to natural wheat straw may take a long time.

b) The plastic straw industry is well established and therefore getting capital for the wheat straw industry may not be that easy.


In today's world where we are looking for a shift from plastic to the biodegradable product, the use of wheat straw will be beneficial. It will not only reduce pollution but also provide an economic boost to the farmers.


Wheat Drinking Straws Sold on Amazon: