Uff!!!! Again I am here. Hi, I am Prativa Shrestha. Maybe you don't know me. But it's okay. You know what!! I think you may find me intriguing or exotic or compelling or humdrum after reading this. But it's okay; No worries. You keep reading: Don't go elsewhere. Finally, Here, In this crystal white sheet, I am thrillingly expressing my peculiar thoughts on my way. So, Today, I am going to start from the one word which is interrelated to my thoughts. 

The word self- love itself has a deep and potent meaning comprises respect and love towards you. Every one of them knows the definition of love. While only a few people recognize the word self- love and accept it. Similarly, Amid them, I am also in the category of few. I have been acknowledging being you since I felt you have to love yourself first. So, It makes me something else; If I have to accomplish my goal, then I have to accept myself and work out on my success and mistake until I die. Mainly, you know what- why I am describing so many things on self- love because today I want to explicit my feelings which is unwillingly hacked my mind by my thoughts. Nowadays, my life becomes so tedious, however; mind works so fast. Whenever I started to think, I reached on that level where no one can even touch; started blinking my eyes. Simultaneously, something happened to my mind continuously, which created a hostile surrounding; automatically ask befuddled questions.

Do you ever feel something different, something strange? Like something is dragging you down, pushing you into the drain, distracting you, and continuously hitting the mind. Your whole body is shaking inside, although; it doesn't show outside- Can you feel that? All the things are going so far from you, and something tried to mess up your happiness? Do you ever feel so alone? Do you ever feel so attacked by your thoughts? Do you ever feel so much pain, and at the same time you want to get off from that? Do you want to cry so loud but don't wanna show to anybody? Do you ever think so much? 

Oh!! God, I am fed up. My intrusive thoughts make me kooky. These queries are hitting my mind so hard. Why are these things roam around my mind? Although my life is going so amazing, sometimes I felt my life is like a barren land whenever I have that thought. I know it is due to overthinking. Sometimes these things completely changed the place. Okay, let's not exaggerate more. But I want to ask one thing: Has this ever happened to you before or still suffering? If this ever happened in your life, please, drop your perception just below in the comment section. 

Lastly, I want to say overthinking is pernicious to your health. It is sometimes innocuous, but it's rare only if you can handle it. Otherwise, It affects your state of mind if you cannot handle it. Instead of overthinking, you have to stop in the middle of the way, so that, you can think wisely. So, meditate once a day and fill yourself with positive vibes. Love yourself. At this time, self- love plays a crucial role in your life, which helps to upgrade your way of thinking and nourish your mind. Respect yourself and accept yourself. When you love yourself and make your mind peace, then only you can handle everything that comes on your way. 

That's much for today. I think you find me amiable. Okay, Let's not make this writing boring. See you soon.