A box of emotions

How will you justify it?

Why am I always ‘right’?

 and you are always ‘wrong’, at least a bit ‘worse’ than me.

 Why is someone ‘bad’ just because they harm?

 and why is someone ‘good’ just because they thought it was right?

Why are sacrifices ‘good’?

Why are ambitious people ‘bad’?

 Why are only imposing thoughts of ‘good’ important?

 Why is discussion on ‘bad’ wrong?

 Why are loud toned rumors ‘strong’?

Why are weak toned logic ‘unworthy’?


If karma doesn’t give bad days, are they automatically ‘’good people’’?

And what about a harmless person as compared if showered with ‘havoc’?

How is it possible that people who themselves are ‘dynamic’

Teach me ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and it becomes the ‘ultimate truth’? 

How is it serious that human following certain region become ‘Children of God’

and the non-followers are ‘Children of Devil’?

Why is manipulation of religion ‘right’?

 and criticism of religion ‘wrong’? 


I am sad, because someone tried to defame me, 

So haven't I defamed anyone till date?

We talk about ‘mental health and freedom’ but haven't we said,

‘’Look, I know it's her life and all but she is …

I often defend myself with justification but, 

Have I opened the cage of someone else's imprinted image of them?

Haven’t I stopped appreciating someone because they never complimented me?

Haven’t I avoided appreciating people because I thought it was ruining my standards?

I call it a ‘’selfish act’’ but they say it self care, so haven’t I made fun out of their perceptions?


When I expect people to listen to my stories,

Have I genuinely listened to theirs?

I expect people to protect my vulnerability,

But have I always protected?

Of course I will not say it but, 

Haven’t  I judged when they share their thoughts?

I blame ‘society’ for making me slave to analysis than emotions

but isn't this ‘survival of the fittest’ theory

making me more politically correct than being genuinely correct?

Wasn't my unmet expectations encouraging me for ghosting?

And what about their expectations?

I was taught smiling, as if nothing happened then

Was I becoming ‘nicer’ or ‘even meaner’ by faking the emotions?

When you keep your family first, then aren’t you being selfish?

‘Blame game’ has never failed to prove someone a ‘good person’

But is ‘Blame game’ a really good game?

All Masters, Gurus, Spiritual leaders haven't done anything wrong?

I doubt.


A farmer showing aggression to all his shortcomings in life is a ‘bad person’

And an ‘’elite’’ who can afford ‘meditation sessions’ and is ‘’calm’’, a ‘good person’?

Why do you impose ‘smiling and saying just good words' even if unreal is a ‘good deed’?

Then is denial of 'negative emotions' 'correct'?

Why are ‘established people’ to be blamed for suffering?

Aren’t all humans left on the same ground to survive?

Why are ‘’weak people’’ to be excluded by ‘’established ones’’?

Who gave them this right?

Why are ‘bad characters’ from ‘’religions’’, the real ‘’bad people’’?

Just because they are biased towards the winners and powerful?

 And why aren’t these so-called ‘’bad people’’ not bad?

Just because they simply can’t accept it?


All these years I wondered.

Oftentimes I defended saying, ‘’I am a good person, I am not a good person’’.

I have now realised I am also not a ‘good person’ either.

My definition of ‘bad person’ was just a mixture of flaws of mine and theirs.

All of us are just fragments of atoms.

All our proton (the positive), neutron (the chargeless) and electron (the negative)

Binds us in unison.

There lies my answer, ‘’Why are there ‘bad people’? Why am I a ‘bad person’?’’ 

It is because,

We are ‘something in nothing’ and ‘nothing in something’. (ending with the smile)