That deliberate intentions to kill yourself,

Those negative feelings with awful day,

Suicidal thoughts,low self esteem, depression,

You should stand with present & watch it play.


Swollen river,tall tree,high mountain & sharp knife,

Poison, diving, suicidal leep, hanging on a rope,

Standing on the small point of deep thinking,

Ignore such painful death,have some hope.


Not to compete,not to complete, not to gain,

Forgive those means from your hand,

Never think,no life no pain,no stress,

Time will mold you into the sand.


Seduce yourself for the real motivation

Make some answers for me,

Feel the immense pleasure of life,

There is coming for you, a best day to see.


Vision & hardwork make you best one,

You the future star shinning so bright,

You deserve name, prosperity & happiness,

Bring lots of good news for us tonight.


Untiring sacrifice & unfailing faith, stunning so gay,

Explore your struggle phase between us today,

Take the situation easy, whatever it be,

And we should feel that "Life is Always Thinking of Me".

               -Kopila Dhungana