Bring a change

 Today I began leafing through the pages of my life journal. Last year I started hosting Tv talk show named, ‘’Change makers of the country’’ where I invited people from various fields and professions. They used to answer my staple question, ‘’What is change for you? What changes do you see in this generation as compared to yours? What changes are you expecting?’’ Their answers differed revolving around their field of profession. Suddenly, Covid-19 pandemic spilled water in my  plans, however for the first time I got a chance to question my ‘frequently asked questions’ back to me.

When someone utters ‘change’ I find it more as a part of time, time being whole. It has seen philosophers and scientists being called ‘mad’ to the celebration of their living in present, betrayal by the trusted leading to death, world wars, inhumanity, feeling of strong nationality to dictatorships, rise of superpowers and what not. Now with rapid advancement of technology and nuclear weapons, the world is about to change again on a humongous level.

Some of the news trending on national television (not in chronological order) during lock down were:-

1. Border issues between various neighbouring countries

2. Suicide of the top Bollywood star (allegedly murdered)

3. Acid attack to girl in Nepal

4. Woman being raped in quarantine in Nepal

4. Pregnant elephant killed in India which ate firecracker in pineapple

5. Dalit youth and five of his friends stoned to death in Nepal because of his love for an upper-caste girl 

6. More death of people due to suicide than due to Covid-19 in Nepal

7. Corruption of the donations and budget allocated for pandemic

8. Death by racism in U.S

Initially I feared the virus but listening to these contemporary inhumane news everyday made me feel I should be more fearful of humans and their activities. I had a question, ‘’Where is the world heading? To the regressive world? 

Honestly, I think Covid-19 exposed the broken system of the world, developing countries being worse. There are lots of loopholes in the structure and it is the high time to reset, before it becomes too late. You can ‘bring the change by being the change’.

In an introspective view, my change started with the realization that the invincible key to ‘change’ is possible and it starts with a simple step in daily activities but we make it complicated. I have started taking care of my mental health. Started spending more time with family than on social media and for making money. I have grown huge respect for farmers for giving us the fundamentals of living, I do not waste food, papers, clothes etc. that can be my simple share to sustainable development. I am trying to correct myself before it becomes a habit. As per this situation, I have started collecting relief funds and donating to needy labourers as I realised there is never a right time to serve, it is always the right time… ‘change’ is ‘me’’.