A sweet and kind word; A principle that describes differentiation of work regarding to right/wrong Or good/bad; A code of conduct with respect to the moral standard.

Would you mind please,if you think about morality for a while. Yes, exactly morality is particularly important and moral principles,we have already experienced.

Morality in society is vitally beneficial. Morality is the basis of the whole world to conduct each new initiation. It is invaluable asset of every human kind.

Morality is not only a need for society but also mandatory for all. If there is no morality, obviously we can predict, there is no humanity and lastly the life will be in major risk.

Morality always represent the part of goodness and it expresses the ethics as it's philosophy. It concerns about morality principles related to the human behaviour as well as the very respective situation activities.

A person should be moralistic from which he/she can do fix the confusion between different perspectives or issues, either they are right/wrong. A moralist person always focuses about the laws of morality just for justice.we should have moral obligation to solve each problem existing around us. Each and every people should  get used to the principle of morality and ethical values if we make it ideal and just.

Morality always reflect a perfect society.

I do like to sum up by saying morality is require for ideal nation and human welfare as well as civilization.

Let's elaborate morality,

Let's celebrate moral victory,

Let's act morally,

Be moralize,

Think moralistic,

Be moralist,

Explore moral,

Explore ethics,

Express morality.

                              - Kopila Dhungana