The Power of Now; A guide to spiritual enlightenment, Eckhart Tolle

"The Power of Now", A guide to spiritual enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle, A contemporary spiritual teacher/guider.

This book consists of ten chapters, each will give a motivating & inspiring ideas, thoughts and perspectives.

The main motive of this book is to make the readers to realize that "How the life in present time is important".

I have read this book for two times in a year. This really means a lot for me. As, I have read a lots of books and I have been reading but this is the one and only book that change me and my mind. I will never forget it's each lines and gesture. This book became my most favourite one.

This book transform the consciousness of human being. It is true that we people have a plenty mental problems due to various reasons nowadays. But no worries, this is a perfect guide to direct us on the right path where we meant to be.

This book encourage us to not to decide call it a day.

The author compiled the words/sentences/ phrases to prepare an awesome book from which a loyal reader will not only read those but also think, pause and feel.

Yes, exactly, there are some queries, lots of elaborations, thoughts, expressions and exploration and obviously, majority of inspirations and motivations.

Realization, Reinforcement, Resistance, Relationship, Reality Forgiveness, Freedom, Assessment, Acceptance, Addiction, Identification, Impermanence, Enlightenment, Ego, Consciousness, Consistency, Compassion, Connection, Cognition, Creativity, Spirituality, Satisfaction, Silence, Strategies, Meditation, Immunity, Insanity Transformation, Truth, Negatively, Good, Bad , Happiness, Obstacles and Easy.


Let's think about these words for a while. How powerful they are, How thinkable they are and How attractive they are.

" The Power of Now" concerned about these words. It has elaborated these topics which are quite relatable to our life and beneficial to all the readers for changing their life and mind into the correct way.

This is right book for those who is seeking for best results in their life.

To sum up, this book,  A powerful weapon for spiritual awakening and life changing. A text which will always make us realize that we can do a lots in our life, we can change, we can achieve, we can transform, we can do (anything anytime)now, we can win and we can create our own Happiness.

                               - Kopila Dhungana