"Am I Okay"?

Seriously, "Am I okay"? Are you telling the truth?

Or just you want to see me glad.

Can you tell me whether I am okay or not?


Yes, I know, you don't wanna disappoint me.

And I know, surely that nobody can see.

But again ask to me " Are you Okay"?

Don't insist to increase your pressure by listening"Not Okay".


No worries, It's okay, It's Nothing!

"Being okay" is suppressing

Exploration, it's meaningless, worthless,

Resistance to pain is everything.

Mild happiness is something.


Sharing is mandatory, somehow pain manifested,

Can't decrease, emotional heart such muted and frustrated.

A mutability, changes sadness to happiness,

I stitched myself with patience and calmness.


People's thoughts, it's obtuse and offensive,

People, the who, such Hyper and aggressive.

Query from them, it's hard to deal,

Can you imagine, How I feel?

Unable to explain your each zeal.


Me with lots of fear, tear and pain.

Sad memories hit me again and again.


So, Am I Okay?

Is this Okay?

Do you agree with my Okay?


Smile with little grief, On arousal

Somehow, I evoked for joy but depressed as usual.


Abiding acrid memories with stunned apprehension;

I am irritated with these rude compassion.


Telling lie with you, I betrayed.

With these problems, "Am I Okay"?

For my "Okay", I always pray,

Praying and Praying for everyday,

Lastly for you, "I am okay".

And yes for sure I am okay.

I will be okay, I should be okay.

                       - Kopila Dhungana