“Robin, please help me win this match”, Jessi sobbingly came to her brother’s room frustratingly holding phone in her hand. “I don’t wanna go on a date with him” she uttered.

 “Well you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Robin replied nonchalantly totally oblivious of what was happening. It was early Monday and he was busy on his laptop rescheduling few of his appointments for the day.

“I’m running out of time bonehead!!!!” Jessi, now panicking, the apprehensive tone evident in her voice, flashed her phone right in front of his eyes to reveal the fascinating chess board on screen. Chess had always been Robin’s thing ever since he was a child. He had mastered every chess style and even teach simple tips and tricks every now and then to everyone from friends to fellow colleagues.  

“He asked me out and I promised I would go if he succeeded to defeat me” she stammered. Clearly, Jessi was overconfident she would win. Robin was an overprotective brother. His instinct turned on as soon as he heard that. He set aside his laptop and did a quick analysis of the ongoing match. And it wasn’t hard to speculate which side she was playing. Robin smiled mockingly. The black rook was just a move away from checkmating the white king. And with only few pawns and a bishop remaining on the white side robin concluded that the game was now irreparably screwed and there was no way he could fix it.

 “I may lengthen this by some time but you can’t win this match specially when this chap is tricky enough to kill all your pieces just at the cost of his couple of pawns.”

“I thought I taught you better than this”, Robin shook his head in disappointment. “And if you weren’t sure how he plays, why would you say something like that?” he scolded Jessi, both annoyed and sorry for her.

Jessi hastily moved her piece and the next thing she knew was: CHECKMATE! Her phone screen flickered.

Robin checked the time and rushed to get ready for work.  “I’ll be off to work now. Got this very important meeting with Ben, our new business partner. “What! Ben?” she asked confused. He wasn’t even listening to her as he was already running late. He waved her bye and just was about to step out when his phone vibrated.

He pressed the green button and the person on the other side sounded:

 “Hey mate!!  Ben here. I’m sorry I‘ll have to call off the meeting for today. Something unplanned showed up at the last minute (chuckles) I’m going out on a date with someone. See you soon.”

The voice paused.

“Also. Robs thank you tons for those chess lessons.”