Positive lessons nCovid-19 taught the world

1.Self Love:With the hectic lifestyle and strong desire to earn money,fame and create a impression  among 7.7 million population we had devoted ourselves as slave of time,often in retrogressive way in context of spirituality and making time to connect within our souls.The longer duration leave from different universities and schools have given people enough time for self care and self-realization.

2.Family time:Along with the rush to perform all the tasks as per the responsibility we hold, we had almost forgotten our family.Now  we atleast ask  our family members about their health and suggest them to take appropriate precautionary measures.We tend to have more time for the family and be present not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally around the family atmosphere.

3.Saving: World economy was booming in the market amidst this situation of corona virus outbreak many business had to shut down in many parts of the world.It emphasized on saving the money for any disasters or unpredictable events in future that comes''without a call''.

4.Pollution control:Researchers in New York told the BBC their early results showed carbon monoxide mainly from cars had been reduced by nearly 50% compared with last year.Traffic levels in the city were estimated to be down 35% compared with a year ago. Emissions of carbon monoxide, mainly due to cars, have fallen by around 50% for a couple of days this week according to researcher at Colombia University.An analysis is carried out for the climate website Carbon Brief  suggested there had been a 25% drop in energy use and emissions in China over a two week period. This is likely to lead to an overall fall of about 1% in China's carbon emissions this year, experts believe.

5.Underestimated simple health habits:Healthy habits that were under estimated like hand washing, personal hygiene and sanitation are considered  simple yet most effective in this global pandemic.