Ten important leadership qualities

Whether it is an inborn quality of a person as a leader or develop skills and potential to become a good leader is open for debate. A good leader always has purpose and aims, for that he has to do the right things at the right time in the right ways.

There are some qualities that can be developed personally and they are listed below:


It is one of the most important quality that a good leader must have and his or her work can be good as effective only when he or she is trusted by other members of the political group. Real authority is developed from respect for the true character and trustworthiness of the person who leads.


A leader needs to be known to their life with honesty. To earn respect and rights to have responsibilities of other people, he need to do work honestly. It bring out who we really are and breaks the opportunity to criticize openly. Honesty helps to discover our mistakes and to minimize it , and further develops trust and build self-confidence.


Enlisting the future vision and plans, a real effective leader drives the organization/group in right ways for good result. Though, it is not simple as we think, but with clear perspective about the goal and continuous hard work can prove it to accomplish the task. Good political leader always energize, enable and encourage people to give their high performance act within a particular objective and establis his or her role as effective.


A good leader is aware about the fact of the organizational goal. A political leader must seek a proper balance between the interest of various teammates and be able to create 'win-win' situation when conflict arises between them. He should be reflective, responsive type and able to evaluate different interest that come from different people. He needs to function in purposeful manner.


Dedication is one of the powerful quality that a politician should have and it is defined as an act of engaging yourself either intellectual or emotional way to a course of action. A dedicated person is capable of becoming powerful leader and he or she always manages time fraction for public services and this become suitable option for him or her to mark as a successful icon. True fact is that, only a hardwork and dedication can bring effective consequences.


The quality of understanding others suffering and desire to help them by doing something to ease that suffering is compassion. Even though, many believe that compassion as a weakness factor but real compassion is such a character that can change knowledge into wisdom. For good political leader it become essential to use compassion to monitor needs of people, he or she leads.


Unless and until we know how energetic and dynamic our leader is, and how he or she get things done; we never gonna trust and cast our vote to him. Good political leader must possess boundless or limitless energy and have quality to respond to unexpected outcomes. Also an energetic leader is always indeed in need of an energetic supporter to claim success.


Ability to communicate well with different professionals and even with people around is the excellent quality of a leader. When we find our leader communicative and convincing then it is to say that he find a way to convey what he stands for. Communication plays vital role to present the difference between political party. At the same time we should never forget the phrase saying 'more work less talk'.


Integrity is vital characteristic and known to be relate with moral character and soundness. Very similar in meaning to honesty that every political party leader must possess and this quality of leader imply the trustworthiness among others because he or she never swerve from inner values and selfishness.


Flexibility is critical one and it is about 'give and take' aspects of politics. Good political leader not only listens carefully about the issues, arguments to all sides, but also learn something from it and implement to reach common consensus. This quality allow him or her to recognize setbacks and lesson about criticism and after this helps to move forward.