I know many people won't be comfortable talking about mental state of what we are going through. But, some silly thoughts always come in our minds and we can't avoid it. It does bother us always. And, I am not expectational which would brag about it. I do encounter many time about that strong feeling of giving up on what I love to do. But, trust me, it's not an easy thing to do.

I encounter many uncertain situation to deal with my kind of uncertainties (who know me know me well). But, I always gather some patterns of motivation to pick myself on those uncertainties. I charge myself with condition that doesn't make a logic for outsider but make totally make sense intuitively. I have many things on my plate which doesn't make sense to many people! I know, for some, I am stupid! For some, I am motivation. For some, I am an asshole. People have subjective definition on what I mean to them! But, I know, I have created some space of love and respect for the people I have came across. There might be many!

In this dual confusion of my life, I sometimes wonder, what is the message I am giving to the people (after my death) that look after me as role model or inspiration! I am not a role model or mentor that you look after. I am sure, I am crazy like everyone else! Nature of craziness might be different that's whole different story! But, we are crazy in our way! In the midst of craziness people ask me, "I feel quitting up. What should I do?" Honestly, I don't have answer for themself! I can only have answer for myself! With being so helpless, frustrate to give answer, I NEED YOU!

What would you say, if someone one to quit his/her life right now? What would you suggest to motivate people like who want to quit their life and DIE?