So, we are motivated to start the business online by seeing the internet penetration rate. That's absolutely fine. Data should be the factor to make a decision for creating something very sustainable.

We see many fin-tech companies creating some big noise to disrupt the market. What I see from the trend is, we are creating opportunities from very authority position and assuming a competition in the under developed countries like ours. We are missing the approach of collaboration where we could collaboratively approach to create a TRUST in the market.

Collaborating to make our customer, accept the fact that, we actually could pay the bill through smart phones. Trust first and competition second! For that, we needs value chain based alignment in the business model itself.

Some of my disappointments with the current trend of #digitalnepal motivated companies are:-

a) We are not taking time to educate our users who are not literate. When I say literate, I mean to say who aren’t technically literate towards the purchasing behavior of tech products.

b) Digital marketing is beyond facebook boosting has always been the knowledge gap. We are just busy in making business out of Facebook boasting and social media promotion.

c) We are talking more from product developer perspective and addressing less from how customer understand our products.

d) We are busy in making our personal brand in digital spaces. It should have been positioning our brand on how customer understand our brand.

e) We are not understanding how our customers are struggling to upgrade their traditional business into digital spaces.

f) We are motivating people to make products in this entrepreneurial ecosystem but the real problem is salesmanship in our approach.

And, the list will go on and on! Agree or not; it’s not my issues!